Prioritizing the Team

Is your Board and Admin team working at full capacity? 


Whether your answer is "Yes, and we'd like to stay that way,"  or  "No, and we need to get on track" . . . a Board Retreat is going to help your Board. 


A Board Retreat is an opportunity for the Board of Education/ Board of Trustees to engage in meaningful conversation in a less-formal setting than a typical Board meeting.   The results in team optimization can be immediate.  You'll need an expert facilitator who can ensure that the agenda is meaningful, the discussions are robust, focused and friendly,  and that the session results in outcomes that will strengthen good governance and solidify the team. 


Kathleen Helewa Educational Consultants will work with you to craft an agenda that suits your needs, content-wise and time-wise.    We offer full- and half-day programming, as well as individual units of professional development or guided conversation that can be appended to the agenda of a regular scheduled meeting of the Board.    We can even help you schedule annual retreats that address topics such as Goal Setting,  Onboarding & Welcoming New Board Members, and Roles, Responsibilities, & Role Play.   The options are virtually unlimited.  Contact us today to learn more!