Prepare for Success with District/ School and Board Goal Setting 

District / School Goals drive your program forward for the academic year.    A Board can be a powerhouse when it has buy-in to their District / School Goals and sets supporting Board Goals for itself. 


A Board that lacks understanding of the purpose and function of goals--or the difference between District Goals and Board Goals--is likely to become embroiled in administrative issues, and will act as if rudderless.   


Your community's children deserve a Board and Admin team that has all oars rowing in the same direction towards student success!  Thus it's critical that the Board possesses a clear understanding of:

  • What the annual goals are and why they are needed,
  • How to look for and evaluate indicators of success, and obstacles to achievement, 
  • Administration's role in bringing goals to fruition, and the Board's role in supporting District / School Goals.


Likewise, the Chief School Administrator must draft goals that align with the Board's high expectations for student success, and that take into account Board perspectives.  


Set the school year up for success before it begins, with a conversational and productive Goal Setting Session.  Kathleen Helewa has facilitated Goal Setting Sessions between boards and administrators for many years and for many Board/ CSA teams.  She knows how to ensure that clarity, communication and collaboration are all outcomes of the Goal Setting Session for your Board of Education or Board of Trustees.   Contact us to learn more and schedule a session.  When CSA Evaluation time comes around and the end of the academic year approaches, you'll be glad you did!