More than the minimum.

The Board is at the top of your org chart; shouldn’t its members receive more robust training than the minimum requirements?   Kathleen Helewa, a former school board member herself, is passionate about helping Board members and charter school Trustees succeed in their vocation. 


Professional development is paramount for educators.  School board members and trustees, too, need PD to learn and develop their governance skills in order to effectively address the challenges of their district or charter school in a manner consistent with their role.    As school boards become greater targets for public scrutiny, it’s more important than ever that those who sit at the dais understand their responsibilities and best practices for good and proper governance.  


There are myriad topics for professional development that Kathleen Helewa can offer your Board, such as Committee Effectiveness, the Open Public Meetings Act, Best Practices for Negotiations, The Board’s Role in Community Engagement, and more.   


Kathleen can bring a collaborative and carefully curated unit of PD to your Board that addresses any high-temperature issue in your district or charter school.   We’ll work together to create what your Board needs most.  Contact us to find out how to develop your Board and Board members into a unit of governance that is informed, confident, and serving your students effectively.