Unpacking the School Ethics Act and Code of Ethics


Every public school official in New Jersey must be aware of, abide by, and understand the Ethics For School Officials Act.  Additionally, public school board members and members of public charter school Boards of Trustees must also know, abide by, and understand the Code of Ethics for Board Members, which is embedded in the Act


To help ensure that school officials understand their obligation under the law, reach out to Kathleen Helewa Educational Consultants to provide School Ethics Training for your Board of Education or Board of Trustees.  We'll discuss and learn from past and recent NJ School Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions and Decisions.   Participants will gain a more robust understanding of the "dos and don'ts" of their very public role, and gain comfort and confidence in their Board service.   The training is both engaging and information-rich.  Find out together why the School Ethics Act is a school official's best friend!