Determine your destination, together.  

Your students have big dreams.  Your families have long term goals for their children.  Your educators have great ideas for their classrooms.  And your Board and Administration have visionary aspirations for your students. 


Resources are limited.    


Can everyone work together to help achieve the success you envision?


The answer is YES – and Strategic Planning is the means to do just that.  It’s a process in which stakeholders work together to understand where your schools are right now, where you want them to be, and how you’re going to get there.  When your Strategic Plan is finished, you’ll have a multi-year roadmap for District/ school goals and objectives, encapsulated in a proactive, flexible plan with built-in community support.


Kathleen Helewa Educational Consultants can customize a strategic planning process that meets your needs and timeline.  Let Kathleen put her extensive experience in strategic plan facilitation to work for your students and your unique community.   Contact us today!